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Olex Fetal Doppler FD-01

₹ 2799

Olex DVT Machine - Full Leg Cuff

₹ 28000

Olex Plus Blood Pressure Monitor

₹ 1250

Olex Plushy Electric Gel Heating Pad

₹ 360

Olex Fetal Doppler FD-01

₹ 2799

Olex Finger Pulse Oximeter

₹ 2000

Olex Oxy Check Blood Pressure Monitor

₹ 1199

Olex Oxwell Anti-Decubitus Mattress with Pump

₹ 1799

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Vats Medical Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a company engaged in manufacturing, import and export of medical equipment, household appliances and healthcare products through OLEX brand since 1995. Our philosophy revolves around improving people’s health and enabling better outcomes for healthy living, prevention, treatment and home care. We understand our customers and offer optimum solutions, thus helping them lead better lives.

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